• Did You Know YouTube Has Short Films? [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

    The Internet can be a wonderful source for entertainment but a lot of the times, it's mostly crap.

  • The Best of YouTube Comedy Week [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

    Summer boredom has set it, and naturally, I've turned to YouTube to entertain me.

  • The 10 Laugh-Til-You-Cry Funniest Videos on YouTube

    Watching funny YouTube videos has become a daily activity for most people, including myself. I love catching up on those Google Chrome commercials that mess with my emotions ridiculously and yet restore my faith in humanity at the same time. I'm also a sucker for a good goat video.

  • Your Guide to Full Concerts on YouTube! [Video]

    It's hard to afford and make time to go to every single concert that comes to our town. And that's where YouTube comes in! From Beyonce to Radiohead, YouTube has provided us broke college kids with the opportunity to watch some of our favorite artists' full concerts!

  • 10 YouTubers Guaranteed to Go Viral in 2013

    While there's a small set of real power-holders in the YouTube world (think Jenna Marbles, the Shaytards, Ray William Johnson), the site is full of people who are so dedicated to uploading great material despite not having the biggest number of viewers. I'm sure their stuff won't go unnoticed for too much longer...

  • Ghost Driver Pranks Drive-Through Employees, Everyone Is Trippin’

    Okay. Let's be honest. This has probably got to be one of the best pranks of all time. Hands down! MagicofRahat, a Youtube comedian and user, decided to dress up as the driver seat of his car and pull up to different drive through windows.

  • YouTube’s Best New Year’s Resolutions [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

    The first week of January is already behind us and already I'm feeling "meh" about the resolutions I made. To get out of this funk, I decided to look up some other people's resolutions on YouTube. Some of these videos are mean to inspire, others are just for entertainment.

  • The Cautionary Christmas Tale of Ebenezer Snoop [WTF Friday]

    It's kind of like A Christmas Carol, except not at all. I mean, the premise is there. A crotchety old man (Snoop) learns how to find Christmas (how to party again?) I'm not really sure.

  • You’ll Never Listen to These Songs the Same Way Again [WTF Friday]

    This video encompasses some of the most hilarious misheard lyrics of all time, but be forewarned, once you see this you can't unhear the lyrics.

  • Can You Stand Cute Roulette? [Sundays Are for Procrastination]

    This website randomly generates videos of adorable animals doing ridiculously cute things.

  • The Angry Babies Everyone’s Talking About [Friday Video]

    When the world gets you down, what can you do? Watch a video of the angriest babies in the world, of course!

  • This Friday Video Can’t Make Any Friends

    We all know it hard it is to pick up guys at the bar, but apparently it's even harder if you're a dude...trying to pick up another dude...to be your friend.

  • Justin Bieber’s Overly Attached Girlfriend [Friday Video]

    In a stroke of pure genius, one Bieber fan created her own rendition of "Boyfriend".

  • Pets Doing Silly Tricks [Sundays Are For Procrastinating]

    As a little girl deprived of a childhood pet, I quickly came to love YouTube. Basically for its plethora of dog videos, cat videos, any cute animal videos, etc. Some of the best videos out there are of pets doing silly tricks for treats.

  • This Friday Video Quits! [Video]

    When I came across this video of a guy quitting jobs he never even had, I didn't know whether to laugh uncontrollably or feel really cringe-y for his victims. It's clear no one really knows how to respond to his sudden resignation, especially when he cites feeling ignored and under-valued when -- truth be told -- these employers have no idea who he is. Awkward!

  • Why You Shouldn’t Slam Your Parents on Facebook [Video]

    Even though it's so cathartic to vomit a few passive aggressive phrases on your Facebook status update or TwitPic a shot of the horribly dressed person standing ahead of you in line, don't ever slam your parents on social media. You just might end up with BULLETS in your laptop and accidental YouTube infamy.

  • Candy Dish: Be Lazy

    • Being lazy is good for you. • This 8-year-old is more hardcore than you. • Meryl Streep: Schmoozing for reviews? • American Idol wannabe has many arrests in her past. • 9 actresses who have played vampires. • How to make your boyfriend's friends hate you

  • Huge Group of Girls [Video]

    It seems that whenever we girls decide to go out, we end up walking into the bar or club with a posse of, like, 15 females. Once we're in our element, we "dance, dance, dance" and "text, text, text". This hilarious music video does a wonderful job of explaining just what happens when a huge group of girls roll into a bar. There's even a "Drunk Girl Roll Call" including Becky, who's that one girl's cousin. Not to mention, the song is sort of catchy!

  • Girl Asks Jason Segel On a Date With an Original Song

    Chelsea Gill put pen to paper when it came to scoring a date with her celeb crush, Jason Segel. She wrote a super creative song for the actor that combined nerdy, cute and clever in equal measures. Name dropping both the Muppets and Lord of the Rings, we're hoping Jason accepts her invitation to grab some drinks before the year's over.

  • Wanna Be the Next CollegeCandy YouTube Star?

    We're looking for a new great idea for a CollegeCandy YouTube series, and we want an even greater personality to bring it all to life. CC is all about wild conversations, eye-opening content and having fun...basically no topic is off limits.

  • Sh*t Girls Say: You’re the WORST

    In a mix of "funny because it's true" and "funny because that's totally a dude pretending to be a girl and I'm immature enough to still giggle over that alone," the Sh*t Girls Say YouTube series has been a pretty significant success. I've been eagerly awaiting a third installment, but kinda would have liked to have waited a little longer.

  • Improv Everywhere Returns with a Surprise Holiday Flash Mob [Video]

    It's rare that we're jealous of New Jersey. Extremely rare. But when Improv Everywhere showed up in one of their malls and performed a spontaneous concert in front of surprised mall guests, we couldn't help but wish we were there.

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  • Sundays Are For Procrastinating: Puppies Do the Darndest Things!

    I’m here to help my fellow procrastinators out. If you’re not busy planning your wedding or stumbling on your computer, you SHOULD be looking at these incredibly cute puppies mistaking themselves for humans.

  • Marcel The Shell With Shoes On Is Back!!

    The first Marcel installment was ridiculously epic. If you're dying to know what happens in the Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, Two watch below! Gahhhh, fingers crossed Oprah made his dreams of owning a real dog come true...