Baby Drama, Broken Couples

This week was pretty much a sleeper — no bare breasts were shown at the Superbowl. I guess we can count on the celeb breakup trend of 2005 to carry into 2006. Heather Locklear broke up with Richie Sambora (apparently she found some interesting “photos” in his email account — remember, always password protect), and Sheryl Crow and Lance Armstrong are no longer “lovin-strong.” Oh, and did anyone know Kelly Clarkson had a boyfriend? Doesn’t matter, because they broke up, too. Here are some tidbits worth mentioning:

*Scarlett Johansson and Keira Knightly posing nude on the cover of Vanity Fair with Tom Ford. Sure this might be old news, especially since Rachel McAdams, who was supposed to be the third female on the cover, freaked out and said no way when she heard it was a nude shoot, but check out the outtakes and pictures here.

*Britney Spears was visited by the Department of Children and Family Services for driving with her son, Sean Preston in her lap sans any sort of child restraint. Is Brit Brit a fit momma?

*Is J.Lo pregnant? Why else would she close down a baby-goods store in LA for forty-five minutes? J.Lo thinks pink?!

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