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Sexual De-Stress


It’s almost mid-semester and professors are packing on the work load. The library has become your home and coffee … your sustenance. You’re overtired, cracked out on caffeine and to top it all off, your friends are having a post-Valentine&#8217s Day celebration (any excuse to party).

Oh my, the stress!

Before you freak out, you need to try the top stress management technique:

S-E-X. Yes, sex. Put down that pen and grab your boy.

Like exercise, sex will take your mind off what’s worrying you. Yet it has other stress-busting benefits as well:

–Deep Breathing: This relaxes your body, oxygenates your blood and reduces the feeling of stress.

–Sense of Touch: Studies show that touch is necessary for your emotional health; his hands will comfort your woes.

–Social Support: Those of us with a secure social outlet tend to handle stress better; the emotional intimacy will provide you with a feeling of support.

–Endorphins: Sexual activity releases these feel-good hormones.

Not in the mood? Rev up that libido with some soothing music, pleasant scents, dim lighting or a massage.

No man? Well … there are other means of sexual satisfaction. Wink, wink.