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Love Your Heart

Today is National Women’s Heart Day, sponsored by Sister to Sister, a national grassroots nonprofit organization that works to provide women with health tips and information in order to prevent heart disease.

Check out www.sistertosister.org to find out if a heart health fair is available in a city near you. If you attend, you&#8217ll be offered a FREE heart-health screening to ensure your ticker is in good shape.

Shady Cheney

As we all know, Dick Cheney accidentally shot hunting partner Harry M. Whittington, who later suffered a heart attack because a shotgun pellet became lodged in his heart. The vice president took the blame for the incident in an interview with Brit Hume of Fox News on Wednesday.


Girl has her prosthetic leg stolen twice!

For the second time in recent months, somebody broke into 16-year-old Melissa Huffs home and stole her $12,000 cosmetic leg — including a $16,000 leg that had been donated following the first crime. “It’s insane. Who hates her that bad?” her mother, Lisa Huff said.

For more on the story: www.msnbc.msn.com

Dog Gone Missing

The search for an award-winning dog was called off Thursday at JFK airport. Bohem C’est La Vie, a whippet who answers to Vivi, escaped from her cage at the airport on her way home from this week’s Westminster Kennel Club show, where she had won an award of merit. Little Vivi was believed to be loose in the surrounding area. The dog’s owner, Jill Walton said she’s concerned the whippet might not survive, “She’s a skinny little thing and I don’t know if she’ll make it.” Authorities said they will keep their eyes open for the pup.


Is It Really a French Fry?

Not only do McDonald’s fries contain a third more trans fats than originally thought, but the corporation revealed Monday that wheat and dairy are used to flavor the popular item. Those allergic to gluten, beware.


Celeb V-Day Wrap Up
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