Some Celebrity Smack

She may be linked to just about everyone in Hollywood, and while we can’t comment on her status with Adam Levine, Bam Margera or Johnny Knoxville, we can tell you this (before Star magazine tries to dupe you later this week): Jessica Simpson is not, let me repeat not, dating hot-shot comedian, Dane Cook. In fact, Mr. Cook has a pretty steady gal-pal. The only pairing for these two is as co-workers on the set of their new movie, “Employee of the Month.” More on that to come.

We informed you a few weeks ago that the usually quiet Hilton sister, Nicky, was overheard calling Mischa Barton a “fat pig.” Well it seems Miss Barton is continuing to fuel the fire and is lashing out against Paris. Click here for all the juicy details.

OK, Laguna Beach fans, listen up. Right now is your chance to win a 10 minute conversation with Kristin Cavalleri. Normally we’d make fun of anyone who bids on this (go team L.C.), but hey, the money is going to charity. Just kidding, we love Kristin, too! Bid Now!

Well, February is nearing its end, which just means the Oscars are that much closer! See ya next week!

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