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Jealousy and Rejection


It must be hard enough for Sophia Bush to still make-out with ex-husband Chad Michael Murray on the set of One Tree Hill, but now Ms. Bush has to watch Chad lock lips with 18-year-old extra Kenzie Dalton, who plays a cheerleader on the show. Chad and Kenzie have been dating for a while but kept their relationship hush, hush ’til Miss Dalton was of age. And you thought the drama on One Tree Hill was fictional!

Wilmer might have a few less friends today. Tuesday morning Wilmer Valderrama dished to Howard Stern about his sex-life. Let’s just say that some (most of) young Hollywood might not have wanted Wilmer to kiss and tell. The names Lindsay, Mandy, Ashlee and Jennifer Love were all brought up on the show.

Nick Lachey, evidently, told friends he thought Kristin Cavelerri was too young. She’s since gotten back together with her ex, Brody Jenner.

We’ve all been in this situation: You’re online to get into a hip club, you make eye contact with the bouncer, about to hand over your ID, when suddenly YOU &#8217 ARE &#8217 REJECTED! Such was the scenario for our favorite “underage” gardener, Jesse Metcalfe. The hottie of Wisteria Lane was told that Teddy’s and Tropicana were filled to capacity as Kirsten Dunst scurried past the velvet rope. Aw, Jess. We’ve all been there, just not twice in one night!