Girl Power & the Past

Abusive Naomi

Don’t piss off Naomi Campbell! The 35 year-old supermodel was arrested yesterday for allegedly throwing a cell phone at her ex-housekeeper. (This isn’t the first time Miss Campbell has gotten physical with her “help.”) The victim was hospitalized with a laceration to the head.

Feminine Politics

Let’s go ladies! Democratic women are running major campaigns in nearly half of the two dozen most competitive House races where their party hopes to pick up enough Republican seats to regain control of the House. Democratic strategists expect that voters’ hunger for change will create perfect conditions for the lady candidates.

9/11 Callers

After much debate, the names of 911 callers, hours of Sept. 11 tapes and transcripts were released today. The partial recordings only include the voices of the 911 operators and the faint echoes of men and women in the towers. Not one caller was advised to get out of the building.

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