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Did You Know?


Here are a few important facts for your womanly health.

Pill Poppers

Your unplanned-pregnancy risk increases when you mix the pill with other meds. Antibiotics, in particular, may reduce the effectiveness of the Pill. So if your not quite ready to be a mommy, use a back-up method (a.k.a. condoms!).

Time Yourself

Forty-eight hours is the maximum amount of time you should go without hitting the gym. According to a study at the Univerisity of Missouri at Columbia, only two days of inactivity are enough to cause fat cells to increase by 25 percent. Make sure you’re keeping that body in motion.

Bite Safety

You should leave three bites of food on your plate at each meal. By doing this you will significantly decrease your daily calorie intake. Assuming each bite equals 25 calories, you will be saving 75 a meal and 225 a day!