Smells Like Summer

You have your mother’s good looks and your dad’s money. But who do you smell like?

Britney? J.Lo? SJP?

That’s sad.

Why smell like a celebrity when you could smell like the carefree pleasures of summer!?

This season, Marc Jacobs wished to capture in a bottle his favorite summer memories. Aaaah, we love Marc.

The result is three distinctive scents that evoke the pleasures (oohh) and sensations (double oohh) of the season: the sweetness of freshly-cut grass, a cooling summer rain and the clean comfort of a fresh white cotton T-shirt.

Grass: freshly snapped snow peas, wildflowers, white muguet, soft woods and dewy musks.

The Style: Fresh. Lush. Invigorating.

Rain: wet cut grass, wild strawberry, Clementine, dewy cypress, tropical passion flower, sunshine flower, white orchid, beech amber, musk and teak wood.

The Style: Refreshing. Soothing. Cooling.

Cotton:linen breezes, liquid oxygen, white peach, mandarin, orange, bergamot, cotton flower, lavender, lily of the valley and a brand-new Marc Tee signature accord captured from an actual Marc Jacobs T-shirt.

The Style: Comforting. Sexy. Soft.

You won’t inherit these scents from mom and dad. Marc Jacobs Splash, each 10 fl. oz bottle costs $65: not bad for this much fun in a bottle.

Available at Sephora and other fine fragrance retailers.

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