Bad Kisser

I have been hooking up with this hot guy but he can’t kiss! He is so bad. I have no idea what to do?


Hooking up with someone who’s a terrible kisser can be a total buzz kill, especially if they’re hot. Most girls are completely turned off by this, even despite the looks. If it doesn’t bother you enough to stop hooking up with him, I’d recommend trying to lead the kissing. When people start hooking up, both are trying to get acquainted with each others kissing style, adjusting and trying to manuever together. Try and take charge, making sure that he mimicks your style. If you don’t like what he’s doing, whisper what you want him to do. Be careful, but sensual with your words. Contrary to what you make think, sometimes we don’t mind a little direction.

My best friend has been dating this guy for over a year, but I don’t think he’s right for her. He really wants me to go on a blind date with one of his friends. Though I’m definitely looking for a boyfriend, I don’t think I should associate myself with his friends. Should I go on the blind date?


Though I don’t usually recommend being a little judgemental, in this situation, it may not be so bad. Well, it’s more like being cautious and aware of these friends of guys you don’t approve of. I wouldn’t suggest doing the blind date thing, but don’t blow off the entire possibility all together. The four of you should go out together in a casual atmosphere with no expectations. Meet out at a bar, but not for dinner. Most of these relationships or potential relationships don’t work out because the matchmakers mess it up from the start. One says too much and the other says the wrong description. Before you know it, you expect to meet the person you’ve conjured up in your head, but you’re let down because he’s no where close. Make your own decision and don’t let your best friend or the boyfriend influence you. But you never know, this friend may pleasantly surprise you.

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