Green Is Sexy

Organic produce? Heck yeah.

Organic milk? Of course.

Organic makeup? Seems only natural (no pun intended).

Terms like “holistic” and “aromatherapeutic” don’t scare you, so crank up those ocean sounds and down a shot of wheat grass.

Being healthy from within is your mission in life; being healthy on the outside sounds even better. But you’ll need a little help on your crusade.

Proof that green is sexy, the first truly organic make-up collection NVEY ECO from Australian cosmetic house NVEY Le Maquillaga has hit stateside. Certified organic by the Organic Food Chain. NVEY ECO is formulated with a careful blend of plant and mineral ingredients, natural botanical extracts, and antioxidants, offering pure, gentle, and beautiful make-up

products for the most discerning beauty buffs. With ingredients like Jojoba Oil, Chamomile and vitamins such as A, E, and C (known for their restorative and soothing properties), NVEY ECO products range from long-lasting eye shadows, bronzers, foundations, lipsticks, and mascaras.

(Sigh) … finally, makeup in tune with your wellness lifestyle.

NVEY ECO is available at prices range from $24-$58. Hey, it’s organic!

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