A-list Glow

We all want the healthy glow that radiates off “A-listers” like Jessica Alba. Fortunately, there are ways to steal your favorite celeb’s beautiful bronzed look without damaging your skin.

Sunless tanning!

Before you say “been there, done that, never again,” many new products have been developed to prevent the Umpa Lumpa&#8217toned streakiness all sunless-tanners fear.

Tantowel: “The self-tan towelette.” These colorless, odorless, 6 x 6 squares of heaven can be wiped on the face, neck or body for that perfect glow. Each Tantowel is individually wrapped for a single application. Dispose of the towel without ever dealing with the mess of traditional tanning lotions. Visit tantowel.com for prices and packages.

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer: Jergens Natural Glow is offered for both medium and fair skin tones. The moisturizer contains small amounts of sunless tanner. Apply the product daily to achieve a gradual, no-streak tan. This item is available at most major drug stores.

Mystic Tan: Available at tanning salons, this popular sunless tanning machine emits a mist of evenly distributed tanner to the front and back of your body. Barrier cream is provided before the application of Mystic Tan to prevent dark spots on your hands, fingernails and feet. Caution: Many salons cut back on costs by providing cheaper, less effective tanners. Make sure the “Mystic Tan” sunless tanner is available.

bella Bronze Mediterranean Color Sunless-Skincare System: Nourish and prepare your skin for a luxurious glow by utilizing natural Mediterranean pigments and ‘Erba Ruggia’ tinted flora, an ancient ingredient found on the volcanic Italian island of Panarea. It also includes other indigenous ingredients, Mediterranean fruit acids and natural sugars. The skincare system includes seven advanced formulas that can be used interchangeably to achieve goddess-style color. The bella bronze Mediterranean Color Sunless-Skincare System is sold at major retailers. Consumers may call (800) 474-2826 or visit www.bellabronzesun.com

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