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World Class


Summertime. It’s supposed to mean vacation, right?

Wrong! Unfortunately, you won’t be jet-setting around the world on daddy’s private jet.

Instead, you’ll be slaving away at your internship or some temp-job, chained to a desk, depressed that the only glow you’ll get is from the toxic rays of your computer.

Looks like it will be another year of useless souvenirs from well-traveled relatives … an “I Love Tokyo” keychain from mom and dad. An inappropriate shot glass from your brother. And, of course, the ultimate bummer: My Aunt went to Africa and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

You can take matters into your own hands with a new line of T-shirts from Chicago-based Tangerine Promotions, LLC, MATERIALUST.

MATERIALUST’s unique collection of T-shirts features rare vintage artwork from various countries, cities and unique destinations around the globe. The artwork appearing on the shirts derives from vintage travel brochures, matchbooks, pamphlets, napkins and even street graphics. It is like getting fabulous souvenirs you actually like from truly fascinating places without having to get a stamp on your passport.

As the first stop on your “trip,” MATERIALUST will be taking passengers to Paris, Bombay, Tijuana, Las Vegas and Honolulu. More international destinations are scheduled with each upcoming release, including Tokyo, Havana, Madrid, Cairo and London. Each shirt features a unique hang-tag (resembling a vintage airline luggage tag circa 1964), with the airport codes of each destination and a special wash that makes each garment feel soft and worn, just the way you like it.

MATERIALUST t-shirts can be found at E Street Denim retailing between $50 and $60.