Decode Him

My boyfriend of five months and I are having problems. We fight about everything, but he always feels he is right. I have to always say sorry. Whenever he gets me anything, he throws it in my face. He works, then says, ‘I’m gathering my pennies to get you things!’ Can this relationship work?

That’s a lot of negativity within a relationship to still be questioning if it’ll work. Maybe a little too much. If you fight about ‘everything,’ there’s obviously problems that you’re both not being honest about. There must be compromise within a relationship or else it’ll never work. You both should want to make up and stop fighting, not just you having to say you’re sorry. And gift-giving is about actually wanting to see your boyfriend or girlfriend happy, that look on their face when you do something nice for them. It’s not about making them feel guilty for accepting it. Your relationship is completely on the wrong track and my suggestion is to get out now. The quicker you get out, the quicker you can find someone who appreciates you.

Guys confuse me enough as it is, so what are some clear indicators that a guy is coming on to me? How am I supposed to know if he is just playfully flirting and does that with every other girl, or if I am a girl that he sincerely likes?

Unfortunately, every guy is different, along with every situation. Guys and girls both have a natural intuition to exude some level of flirtation, no matter how intentional. The way to tell if he’s really into you is the action beyond the flirting. If he flirts with you in public, he may be doing it for the attention. If he does it when you’re both alone but shows effort to get to know you better, he may be into you. A lot of what a guy does means nothing until he has to go out of his way or show some sort of effort. Any girl a guy flirts with can walk away and he won’t care, but with the one he wants, he needs to get some sort of reciprocation or acknowledgement. Flirting is no fun without someone to play with, so if you dig him, flirt back, but wait for him to make a more serious move to determine if he’s into you.

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