Just Smashing

If rock and roll is really here to stay, you should probably do something about that wardrobe.

If you ever wondered where some of your favorite rockers got their gear, then look no further: Smashing Grandpa’s line of designer tees, tanks, jersey dresses and hoodies is apropos for a party, hanging out or a night of stage diving.

Skulls, roses and hearts (Oh, my). For a girly femme-rock hybrid look, Smashing Grandpa comes through with a vengeance, offering duds with edgy silk-screened images. If you were wondering, the line’s name pays homage to Designer Leslie Gardner’s inspiration (the rockers of the 70s and 80s that by the 90s were all “Smashing Grandpas”), and these clothes have graced the bods of some of the world’s most celebrated crooners past and present.

Have you always wanted to be a rocker yourself? Smashing Grandpa Tees won’t ensure you a platinum record, but they’re certainly a start.

Check out Smashing Grandpa tees at www.girlshop.com. For store locations, visit www.smashinggrandpa.com. Prices range from $45 for T-shirts to $150 for dresses.

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