Seeing Yellow?

You’re the type of blonde that has a lot of fun … until one fateful day when you’re hit by a bombshell&#8217a Brassy Blonde bombshell!

Showering in hard water and other icky environmental conditions can wreak havoc on your platinum tresses, making them more “sun-in” yellow than beachy-sunkissed.

But before you kiss your street cred goodbye, why not say hello to LUSH. This so-hip-it-hurts natural beauty product line has found a way to combat that nasty yellow hue, with its DaddyO Purple Shampoo.

The secret of this magic concoction is in its veritable grocery list of fresh, natural ingredients&#8217all items that are found in the market such as lemon (to restore color), coconut oil (to strengthen follicles) and seaweed minerals (to condition hair). Isn’t LUSH thoughtful?! But the best part is the irresistible lavender scent that stays on your hair for hours and brings all the boys to your beach blanket.

Now if only you could do something about those roots …

LUSH DaddyO Purple Shampoo is available at and LUSH retail stores nationwide. Prices range from $7.20-$22.50.

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