You’ve seen them out: The sex-pots wearing short skirts and killer heels, never failing to entertain the men in the crowd with some girl-on-girl action.

Guys cheer them on. Girls look away in disgust.

One might consider such behavior a bit distasteful, no?

But according to Lauren Levin and Lauren Blitzer in their new book, Same Sex in the City, those seemingly attention-hungry girls may be on to something. Levin and Blitzer call their work a “coming out guide” of sorts for lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women everywhere.

You’ve heard the myths of women who experiment with their sexuality in college. Maybe you think it’s taboo. Maybe you wonder what it would be like to kiss a girl. Or maybe you’re just afraid of being branded with a scarlet “L” by your peers. Well, newsflash ladies: New statistics show that there has been a 10-percent increase in college women experimenting with their sexuality over the last 10 years. Whether it be that drunken kiss at the bar or more, women are becoming more curious … bi-curious, that is.

So … if it’s true that, as Levin and Blitzer put it, “the difference between a straight girl and a gay girl is 4 beers,” get out there and see what all the fuss is about.

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