Sex to No Sex

My boyfriend and I used to have sex all the time. We were like rabbits! But not anymore. Now, we don’t do anything sexual. What is wrong with him, and why won’t he have sex with me? He says that it’s not me, but I don’t know what the problem is.

The sudden halt to your sex life could be attributed to a number of different things, but rather than making assumptions, talk to him about it. There’s obviously something blocking your boyfriend’s desire to sleep with you. Yet he does mean it when he says, “it’s not you.” The problem with that statement is that it tells you nothing. So have a talk. You may simply need to spice things up a bit. Get some sexy lingerie or suggest a new position in bed. “Sex like rabbits” seems to indicate that your sex life may just have been quantity rather than quality. Granted, sex is sex, but after a while we all need a change, something to switch it up. Don’t attack him with your concern, because it may be a sensitive subject. Approach with caution but get some answers!

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