Heading out the door, those new summer wedges look so cute on your feet. As you move about town, you realize you have managed to look fabulous and feel comfortable. What a day!

Two hours and multiple bleeding blisters later, the word “cute” has been replaced with the word “pain.”

But don’t throw those new sandals into the back of the closet just yet! Heck, it is only the beginning of July!

What if you could have your wedges and wear them, too?

No, it is not just wishful thinking. Thanks to Dr. Scholl’s, you can do just that!

Dr. Scholl’s For Her is a whole new line of foot-care products designed just for us gals. You can chose from Open Shoe Insoles, ideal for sandals and slides; Comfort Insoles for pumps, boots and loafers; and Ball-of-Foot Cushions. The cushioning comfort comes from a massaging gel that protects and massages your precious feet with every step.

The line also includes a few other foot indulgences such as deep moisturizing foot creams, scrubs and pedicure tools, designed specifically for the skin on your feet (which is a whopping 50 times (!) thicker then the skin on the rest of your body).

Dr. Scholl’s For Her can be purchased nationwide at all food, drug and mass retailers. All products are between $5-8.

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