Condom Concern

You’re religious when it comes to condom use. No matter how ready you are to get it on, you make sure your man’s member is under wraps.

Yet ever since latex was deemed ineffective in HPV prevention, your faith in condoms has waned and so has your sex life.

Well, turn that frown upside down! Your dedication to latex has been worth the inconvenient interruptions (“wait, put this on!”) and relentless male protesting (“It feels so much better without one.”). According to some promising new findings, we may not have to swear by celibacy just to stay safe and healthy. A new study of female college students — all of whom were virgins at the beginning of the study — showed that women whose partners always wore condoms were 70 percent less likely to become infected with HPV than women whose partners were less consistently wearing latex. The odds are not perfect, but they are much more promising for ladies that get their men to protect on a regular basis.

So no need to live a life of celibacy — you can still have sex; just don’t leave your house without your glove(s).

Same Old Sex
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