Taken for Pomegranate


Isolated to the fruit group of the food pyramid for far too long, the pomegranate has finally begun to rally! Not only is the pomegranate celebrated for its anti-oxidant muscle and link to improving cardiovascular health, but it’s also working it in the beauty realm with products that pack a mean punch.

The purveyor of that “so fresh and so clean” feeling, Fresh, has joined the gamut with its line of pomegranate goodies, which includes the ultra-luxurious Pomegranate Conditioning Hair Rinse ($24 at fresh.com). Use the rinse for daily detangling after a raucous workout or a bedroom sexcapade, and your hair will benefit from pomegranate’s legendary anti-oxidation abilities, which strengthen tresses and protect them from environmental evildoers.

Apparently our fab fruit likes to party, too! Hence, the new and limited line of Pomegranate Martini products from the beauty gurus at Bath and Body Works. The Cooling Pomegranate Martini Lip Gloss ($6 at bathandbodyworks.com) is partnered with sweet orange and ruby red grapefruit for a deliciously kissable cocktail that will soften your lips and leave behind a light pink shimmer. Pomegranate gone wild!

If bubbly is more your thing, New York Soap Company has your potion, with its collection of Pom-tastic products that include the sweet-smelling Pomegranate Bubble Bath ($14 at beauty.com). This Bubble Bath is a festival of all-natural ingredients, with pomegranate as its irrefutable star (it also doubles as hair and body wash). With that sweet pomegranate scent on your body, you’ll be begging for a piece of these suds.

Talk about getting around!

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