Diet Insanity


The right way to get in shape is kind of a no-brainer: Eat healthier and exercise regularly. Yet some college females continue to leave healthiness out of their fitness regimes all together.

Here are a few tales that these girls call, “the craziest thing they’ve done in the name of weight loss.”

Shannon, a self-proclaimed “Diva,” hates water, but she knew that to lose her pre-formal pounds she had to get her fluids in somehow. Shannon&#8217s solution: guzzling chicken broth instead of water! Shannon didn’t realize that super-high sodium chicken broth, minus drinking water of any kind, is the recipe for dehydration. She ended up in the hospital a week later.

Victoria tried the Weight Watcher’s point system to drop a few pounds before spring break. Allotted 25 points worth of food each day, Victoria divided them among Rice Crispie’s Treats, Lucky Charms and Skittles. Needless to say, Victoria spent her spring break on an extended sugar high.

Nikki bought her formal dress a few months early last year and on the night before the event, it didn’t quite fit. Her get-skinny-quick plan: a 12 hour kick-boxing marathon. It didn’t work. Nikki went to her boyfriend&#8217s formal in a different dress and was so exhausted that she spent the whole evening sitting down.

Sounds bizarre, but few of us can claim that we’ve never abandoned common sense for weight loss. Next time you feel like using your poor body for another diet experiment, remember the simple words that won’t fail you: healthy diet and exercise!

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