Rent-a-Bag for Life, Baby


Your obsession: designer handbags. Your checking account balance: $150.23.

In order to afford that $450 leather Marc Jacobs bag you’ve been lusting over, you have to pinch pennies. Bummer.

Obviously, we have a much better solution.

Meet Bag, Borrow or Steal, a website that allows members to rent from a selection of handbags for a monthly membership fee (in addition, 10 bucks is included for shipping, handling and insurance, of course).

Membership fees range from about $25 a month for the “Trendsetter” category (offering the latest from brands like Calvin Klein, BCBG and Dooney & Burke), to premium membership, “Couture,” which, at up to $285 a month, offers members their pick from names like Gucci to the aforementioned Marc Jacobs. It’s like borrowing a Balenciaga knockoff from your roommate, only better.

A customer can flaunt the new bag for as long as she wants, and if parting with her “must-have” proves too painful to bear, she can even chose to “steal it” for far less than it would cost in retail.

For those of you who prefer to lease on a special-occasion basis only, there’s From Bags to Riches. Instead of charging a monthly membership fee, the site charges borrowers a weekly or monthly fee for only as long as they borrow. Fees depend on the retail value of the bag.

So the next time your cousin asks to borrow that “fabulous bag you found online,” coyly tell her you’d love to lend it — for a price.

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