Wax, Sugar


How do most guys prefer girls to look down there?

Though every guy is different, we can all agree that less is better. Keeping everything prim and proper is clean, sexy and just completely addictive. Like most things in life, presentation is key. Personally, I prefer completely bare, but a landing strip is also hot as long as it’s minimal. Whether you prefer to sport the bald look, a landing strip or a patch, always remove the hair around the labia. That is an absolute no-no. If any hair is going to be removed, that’s one area that shouldn’t be ignored.

Many methods of hair removal are available, but the oldest type, “sugaring,” is the best. Don’t be fooled by “sugar wax.” That’s not it. You’re looking for “sugar paste.” It’s a lot cleaner than wax, less painful, better for the skin and safer. (It’s actually edible.) Check out alexandriasugaring.com to find out what spa near you offers this service. Trust me: as a guy, sugaring is your best option. Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring is the largest and most respected sugaring company in the world, with practitioners worldwide.

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