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The New Hook-Up


Girl meets boy. Boy likes girl. Girl likes boy. Boy and girl go home together.

Yes, male/female interaction in college is usually that simple. But what happened to actually getting to know each other before any physical contact ensues?

Apparently dating is out of the question since it seems to be non-existent in the college vocabulary. So scratch that. What’s a girl to do when she doesn’t want to get-it-on immediately? Here are a few how to snag a fella the old-fashioned way.

One Strong Cocktail — Sipped, not Chugged

Alcohol is usually what gets you in trouble in the first place. So pace yourself. You’ll look posh, save money and give the guys a chance to buy you more drinks and ask you out.

Girls with Fervent Will Power = Girlfriend Material

Don’t have sex with him … right away. Wait it out – it’ll make him want you more. And once you do ‘do it,’ it will not only be more meaningful, but most importantly HOT!

Three’s Company

Try to go out with no more than three girls. Girls who travel with entourages of 12 intimidate guys. So make sure you’re approachable.

Being Shy won’t get you Dates

If you see a guy being a wallflower at the party or party, don’t be afraid to strike up the conversation. And if it’s too loud, let your body do that talking and get him out on the dance floor.

Give him your Number

If you’re into him, exchange cell phone numbers digits. But wait for him to call! Guys love a chase, so don’t let him catch you just yet.