Sweet Singleton


Long-term love can really warp your idea of single life. Sleeping alone without your spooning partner? Perish the thought! But if you do become unattached, you have to remember that being solo can be the most exciting time of your life.

Not convinced?

Read on.

1. You can do whatever you damn well please.

2. You can really flirt … and more.

3. You’ll save money: free drinks from random guys at the bar.

4. You can spend more quality time with your girlfriends.

5. You’ll have hours of undisturbed sleep with the covers all to yourself.

6. You’ll be free of his constant burps and farts.

7. You don’t have to worry about him when he’s out with his single friends.

8. You won’t have to deal with his leaving clothes carelessly on the floor.

9. You don’t have to groom as often.

10. You can get into your own routine.

11. You can finally focus losing that pesky 10 lbs.

12. You can be happy with who you are, not who he wants you to be.

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