Delicious AND Healthy


2006 has been a fantastic year for all of you chocolate and coffee addicts. Your daily fixes are actually good for you.

Recent studies verify that both chocolate and coffee are indeed beneficial to your health. (See. Everyone should have been listening to you all along). Yes, the fattening quality of your Hershey’s bars and the caffeine high of your lattes have been bad-mouthed. But you stood by them, and, now, the dark indulgences are getting the recognition they deserve.

You’ve heard they’re both rich in antioxidants, but how do they do your body good?

Biting into solid dark chocolate has been proven to better blood flow and the ability of blood vessels dilate, which are signs that it can reduce the risk of heart disease. This is good news because women love chocolate and are very susceptible to development of this disease. So when you get that irresistible chocolate urge, satisfy it. But don’t stuff yourself. Eating chocolate may benefit your health, but it’s still contains a ton of calories!

Dear, coffee has kept you going for years: through late library nights, early mornings and long road trips. Sometimes you feel naked without your cup in hand. Today, we know that java-drinkers have a lower risk of type-two diabetes; coffee gives your mood a significant boost and also seems to protect against Parkinson’s disease, colon and liver cancer. Now don’t go loading up on your lattes. One to two cups a day is plenty to reap the benefits.

So, here’s to 2006. Nibble and sip to your health.

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