Farewell, Fifteen


In honor of the big move to college, you decided to splurge and purchase those super-sexy skinny jeans everyone has been raving about. They are hot, they are trendy and, god, they make your butt look good.

Fast-forward three months: You lie on the futon eating pizza, staring at those delicious dungarees that once hugged your curves perfectly. Now, they won’t zip.

Damn you, Freshman 15!

Don’t hang those pants up just yet. There are many ways to avoid the extra poundage that comes with college; all you need is to be prepared.

Keep it Light: Stock your shelves or micro-fridge with healthy foods like produce and low-calorie snacks. If you don’t have fatty foods around, you won’t be able to eat ’em (especially after a night at the bar).

Spice it Up: Eating the same thing every day gets boring, which makes that ice cream sundae bar all the more appetizing. Visit other dining halls or try replacing that boring turkey sandwich with something new and exciting.

Bring It With: When leaving your dorm or apartment, make sure to bring some fruit or healthy snack along with you. When you do get hungry, you can avoid the bag of greasy chips or fatty candy bars and opt for much healthier satisfaction.

Keep it Green: Salads are healthy, but not when you pour on the nuts, cheese and dressing. Consider filling the salad with fresh greens, veggies and beans and topping it off with a little low-fat or fat-free dressing. Remember, a little dressing goes a long way.

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