Make Some Moves


Fall semester is in full swing and you’ve got boys on the brain: frat boys, football boys, freshman boys, oh my!

Well, take your pick, missy. A little charm mixed with some tact will snag you a guy (or three) in no time.

Body Language Allure

a) Pull your hair loose from your elastic band so that he can watch your locks cascade down your shoulders and surround your face.

b) Grin and hold his gaze for three seconds. Then bite the corner of your lip and look down.

c) During conversation, touch his knee or hand to emphasize your interest.

Hook, Line and Sinker

a) As a hot guy passes by, stop him by saying, “Wow, you smell great.”

b) At a restaurant, ask if you can borrow his salt shaker – even if you have to cross the room to get it.

c) Instead of asking him what time it is, lightly slip your fingers around his wrist and check for yourself on his watch.

Ploy Perfection

a) Enlist him to guard the door to the ladies’ room.

b) At a crowded party, pretend to lose your balance and steady yourself on his biceps.

c) Request to look at his cell phone and say it’s quite impressive but missing a very important feature – your number.

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