Give Life the Brush Off


Friday night, 10 o’clock. New highlights? Check. Cutest heels ever? Check. Tank top that clings in all the right places? Double check. But your best friend doesn’t notice your highlights, heels or tank top despite the fact that you’re shaking your hair in her face. What the hell’s wrong with her?

This might sound a little crazy, but everything isn’t always about you. What if she just broke up with her boyfriend or got into a yelling match with her mom? If you worry too much about why she’s mad, you might need to grow some thicker skin. Think of it this way. If you’re thinking that much about yourself, other people are thinking that much about themselves! Try some tips from Lybi Ma of Psychology Today to stop harping on some self-made negativity:

Take things less personally. Someone else’s negativity may have nothing to do with you at all. You might have entered their line of fire at a really bad time.

Don’t be self-focused. Thinking too much tends to cause us to make our faults look bigger than they are. Try to look at a broader picture.

Don’t worry about looking stupid. Everyone does stuff that they think is embarrassing, but those people who laugh it off or change subjects move on quicker. Haven’t you heard that saying that everyone makes mistakes?

Don’t be quick to blame. Just like you, everyone has good and bad days. So don’t blame your friends if you’re not getting noticed. Give it some time!

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