Lip Gloss Games


Finding a perfect lip gloss is a lot like finding the perfect man. You want both to make you feel beautiful, to smell (and taste) delicious and to stand up in the face of licking and biting situations. And with so many glosses (and men) to choose from, recognizing perfection can be a daunting task.

These lip gloss faves and flops may not help you pick the guy of your dreams, but they can certainly lead you down the path to oh-so-kissable lips.

Benefit’s “Her Glossiness”

Rating: 5 smooches!

Put a twinkle in your eye … and on your lips … with the amazing “Her Glossiness” lip gloss from Benefit. A bit more sparkle than shine, this smooth gloss has a fluffy little applicator, goes on evenly with a swish of the wand, includes jojoba oil to moisturize and stays steady for hours, even through a latte break (or two!). No sticky gloss lips here and the scent is clean and subtle.


MAC’s “Lustre Glass”

Rating: 3 smooches

Easy, now. Its no secret that MAC lip gloss has long been a staple in many a beauty arsenal and was, for a while, hard to come by because it flew off the MAC shelves. While its shine power is exemplary, sometimes shine isn’t the only thing to consider. This stuff makes lips shimmer like the top of the Chrysler Building, but its gooey texture makes for the “sticky gloss lip smack.” However, it redeems itself with such intense and impressive staying power.


“Glamour Gloss” from Too Faced

Rating: 3 smooches

Booked as a product that wears like a lipstick and shines like a gloss, “Glamour Gloss” isn’t as heavy on color as expected, and the pigment is a more translucent gloss than opaque lipstick. But we applaud the effort because glosses have long attempted to strike the lipstick/gloss balance. It is impressive, however, for its smooth texture and natural ingredient list, which includes a bevy of essential oils for lip-healing and -protection.


Lola’s “Lip Indulgence”

Rating: 4 smooches

Oooh! The satin finish on this product is luxurious, and it feels and looks great. It also includes natural ingredients from fruits such as mango, coconut and passion fruit, which not only give this great product a scent boost, but also make for a sugary sweet taste. YUM! The only scandal with this product is its itty bitty applicator, which requires a few dips and wrist flicks for even distribution.


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