Defining the Relationship


I’ve been seeing my “boyfriend” now for three months, but we never use the words boyfriend/girlfriend. In fact, he usually changes topics or turns on a football game if I bring it up. Why is he so afraid of commitment?

Coming from a person with direct personal experiences with this dilemma, I understand your frustrations. His apprehension to be committed may stem from a few different things. If he hasn’t been in many relationships, he may be all too comfortable in the type of situation you have going on now, without titles. Not all but a lot of guys get freaked out by titles, because it means that they’ve been branded into a monotonous relationship with expectations and requirements.

In my opinion, three months should be your patience threshold. We all want to know where we stand, and it’s understandable that you feel the way that you do. If you’re definitely looking for something more serious, and he’s not cooperating, drop hints that you’ll go elsewhere. Don’t get pushy and unleash your inner psycho (yup, all you girls have it), because he’ll just get defensive. He may just not be ready to be committed to one girl right now, so you may have to accept that. And if he’s just not responsive to your desires, honey, he’s just not that into you. Though the phrase has become yet another clich&#8217, its association to these situations has never been more appropriate.

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