Green Pieces


Victoria can keep her secret. Mary, on the contrary, is far too flashy to hide her scintillating skivvies. And you won’t want to hide yours, either.

Mary Green is no doubt the duchess of dainties, which she gallantly proves with her line of colorful silk under fashions that are so delicious, you’ll be bummed to keep them under wraps. Camisoles, bras and panties in bright patterns and embellished with lace are more like delicious and romantic confections than everyday underwear.

Designed by California-based Green and made from the finest Chinese silk and other high-end, high-quality materials, Mary Green’s intimates collection is perfect for a gal who appreciates the feeling a quality pair of silk knickers can bring.

Need a sexy thong? A dreamy boyshort? A matching wireless bra? Mary is at your service with her glorious gear in bright saturated hues, polka dots, lady bugs and lists of other charming motifs.

How apropos in your boudoir … then out to the bar. But, beware. You never know who might want to sneak a peek!

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