Sleeping Together


How soon is too soon to sleep with a guy I like? Is there a right time?

The rulebook doesn’t state a minimum or maximum amount of time required before you sleep with him. There are a bunch of factors that play into this decision, making up one complete requirement: comfort. Many things affect your comfort level with someone, including trust, which is most important. But, it’s all personal preference. I’ve been with girls who wanted to wait months, and then I’ve been with girls who wanted to wait just a week or two. In addition, it really all depends on what you see in the future.

As odd as it sounds, a lot of girls agree that they’d sleep with someone who they didn’t like quicker than someone they did like. And that’s because they’ve dismissed the emotional attachment and can focus on the physical satisfaction. But it does work the other way, too. A couple with a tremendous amount of physical chemistry and an animalistic passion may wait a week or two, but still have strong feelings. The only difference is that their comfort level has been achieved and is expressed through sex. These are people who can’t keep their hands off each other.

Basically, if you’re comfortable with him and trust that he’s not in the relationship just for sex, then do it. Remember that those who put sex on a pedestal are more likely to have their own expectations hit the floor.

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