You Got Played


This guy and I hit it off really well at a party over the weekend. I wound up hooking up with him, and now he won’t call me back. Did I do something wrong?

Welcome to the club! Unfortunately, some guys (and yes, even girls) feel that a one-night fling is just that … one night. It seems like you got played. He created the feeling that he was really into you, so that he could get into your pants later on that night. We’ve all pleaded guilty to this one. Next time you meet a guy out at a party, it’s okay to assume that he’s talking to you just to hook up. Usually, assuming is a bad thing, but in a case like this, it’s always better to be aware and cautious, rather than na&#8217ve and ignorant.

Chances are that you didn’t do anything wrong. He went out with the intention of hooking up and succeeded at your expense: Typical protocol for a “player.” Never blame yourself for these unfortunate situations and definitely don’t call him anymore. Just brush it off, and be mindful next time: There’s a good chance the guy’s motives entail your pants on his bedroom floor.

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