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The Best Breakfast



After last night’s killer study session (or bar crawl after the study session), the last thing you want to do is wake up early for breakfast before your 10 a.m.

Okay lazy hung-over girl, listen up! Everyone who’s ever told you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day wasn’t wasting their breath. A morning meal revs-up your metabolism and boosts your energy. But, most important, according to a study at Tufts University, morning meals also help you limit overeating during the entire day.

Give yourself 10 extra minutes each morning, and you’ll see the health benefits in no time. Whether you’re on a diet or just looking to eat better, try these quick options from eDiets chief nutritionist, Susan Burke:

Whole grain cereals (whole wheat or oat, or a whole grain blend) pack a mean punch of nutrition, especially ones that are high in fiber. Avoid sugary versions or ones with hydrogenated oil that won’t fill you up.

Smoothies are an awesome option. You can take them with you to class, and you don’t even need fresh fruit to make one! Throw one cup of the following in the blender: frozen fruit; nonfat milk, soy milk or nonfat flavored yogurt; and ice. In total, you’re only consuming 300 calories and a whopping 23 grams of protein, but no excess sugar to weigh you down.

Normally, a waffle might seem like a waste of calories. Some have trans fats and tons of sugar, while others are so tiny that 16 of them couldn’t fill you up! Kashi makes frozen waffles that are low in sodium and sugar and have no hydrogenated fat. Spike that waffle with a half of cup of fruit for a healthy kick.

There are plenty of quick fixes to try, like avoiding a calorie-packed muffin or excluding fatty cheese from your eggs. Even for the crunched college girl, making time for breakfast in the morning can be both a quick and healthy choice.