All That Glitters


A gal with pink hair has gotta have gusto. So when the fuchsia-coiffed Tarina Tarantino introduced her first jewelry collection in 1998, it was pretty clear that she’d soon become a smash hit.

Fast forward to 2006, and Tarantino does not disappoint with her unique line of glittery costume jewelry beloved by celebrities such as Cameron Dias and Paris Hilton. From her crystal embellished Hello Kitty necklaces, to her skull drop earrings to her new line of baubles worthy of Marie Antoinette, Tarantino proves to be a visionary who continues to bring jewelry to the fray that is unlike anything the world has ever seen.

New lines include the “Queen Alice” collection emblazoned with old drawings of Alice in Wonderland characters on antiqued necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings – many done in old school cameo style. For some added frill to your repertoire, Tarantino has created a pretty and pink line of goodies inspired by the world’s most famed femme: Barbie. Vintage silhouettes and pink shimmers complete this black and pink collection of trinkets that are sure to sass up your Fall looks.

Tarantino’s prices range from $30 to $600 for sassier pieces, and each piece is sure to come with a side of compliments, oohs and aahs and whispers of “where did you get that?!”

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