Are You Annoying?


Your boyfriend loves you: the way you toss those luscious locks; the way you bite your lip when you’re nervous; even the way your mascara is a bit smudged in the morning. He knows you’re not perfect but he still thinks you’re as perfect as perfect can get.

Before you get too, too comfortable and thoughtlessly let it all hang out, be mindful that there are certain insane quirks a girl can possess that annoy guys more than anything:

Needy. This is the girl who has some serious insecurity issues. She likes to latch onto her guy and hold on for dear life. If her man doesn’t constantly shower her with attention, she gets upset. But, most of all, she depends on him for EVERYTHING. The truth is, guys like a girl who’s independent.

Jealous. She’s the one who second-guesses her man’s loyalty A LOT. Whenever another girl talks to, befriends or looks in the same direction as her boyfriend, she tenses up and acts as if she has good reason to suspect him of cheating. In most circumstances, she has no reason to doubt him.

Shopoholic. Like most of us, this one can spend hours upon hours in a shoe store without even the intention of buying anything. But she loves to take her man along for the ride, and, let’s be honest, guys don’t get our shoe obsession and they never will. So spare him the torture.

Invasive. Snoopy’s her name. It begins with her digging through his drawers to grab his comfy boxers. Then she peaks into his “no one can ever read this” poetry journal to review his private thoughts while also obtaining his email password only to peruse his sent messages. Bad, bad, bad!

Chatty. Oh, does she like to talk. In fact, she never shuts up. A simple “How was your day?” can explode into an hour-long convo about every single little thing she did that week and how it made her feel. Again, at times, this is tortuous for the boyfriend.

So, there you have it, some slightly psychotic behavior. Try to keep it to a minimum.

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