Save the Earth


Ah, Election Day is over and you’re probably ready to pull your hair out at the thought of having to discuss another political issue.

But whether you are an outdoorsy lady or not, you must know that our environment is in trouble. At the rate the rain forests, polar ice caps and fish mines are wasting away, your kids may not have the same beautiful forest, yummy fish and cool weather to enjoy as you do.

How can you help?

These days, you can go way beyond telling your friends not to litter their beers cans. Look into hybrid cars or other products that reduce carbon emissions (PS: If you haven’t seen the Al Gore movie, an Inconvenient Truth, there are some major pointers in there).

Switch on the fan in stead of the AC, put on a sweater instead of cranking the heat and look for non-aerosol products. Always recycle and make sure your college does as well.

Lastly, no matter how annoying the commercials are, always exercise your right to vote on any issue that you feel strongly about because every little bit does make a difference, but the big decisions are still made in Washington.

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Purchasing Power
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