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For just one moment, close your eyes and let yourself unwind. Concentrate on your breathing and forget about your term papers, unforgiving jobs, stressful internships, bitchy friends and surly boyfriends. Forget about your troubles and let your mind focus on your breath as it connects with your body.

Feeling relaxed? Good. This breathing exercise is a common practice in yoga, which has been helping people relax for about 5,000 years. If you thought yoga was nothing more than pretzel bending postures and silly “om” noises, think again. Yoga is a series of postures, poses and breathing designed to relax the body, while strengthening it as it works the whole body as one entity.

Focus and concentration on breathing and body postures not only tones and builds flexibility, but has also been shown to cleanse and heal as well. Yoga massages the muscles, the glands while eliminating illness-inducing toxins. Also, unlike other exercises that may leave you winded or tired-out after a long hour, yoga uses cleansing, deep breaths to renew and rejuvenate tired, stressed out bodies -like that of an overworked college girl.

Yoga has inspired millions and also boasts a celebrity bandwagon of svelte beauties, such as Gwenyth Paltrow and Madonna. Now close your eyes, take a deep breath and see yourself not only more relaxed and healthy, but beautiful too. That’s what yoga can do for you.

Being Beautiful
Being Beautiful
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