The Chase


I absolutely hate playing games. Do I really need to wait two or more days to call the guy I’ve just recently started to date?

Okay, that all depends on how long you’ve been dating him. Are we talking two dates or four dates? Because there’s a big difference. Two means you’re still in that still-feeling-each-other-out phase. This is the time when you’re actions are crucial. Acting too aggressively may ruin any chance of a relationship. So hold off on calling him for a few days. You don’t want to appear too anxious. It will just scare him away. Play it cool.

After the third date it pretty much goes without saying that the two of you have a “thing.” You’re into each other. So by the fourth, you should feel free to call him whenever you want, as long as you don’t take over his incoming call list.

So even though it may be hard not to give in to your urges to pick up the phone and dial his digits, hold off. Let him chase you. Then once you know you’ve got him hooked, let him catch you.

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