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His Deal



I am best friends with this guy and I really like him. He knows how I feel and always says really sweet things to me (not friend things), but he is always hooking up with other girls. The other night, I wanted to make him jealous so I took a random guy home. While we were hooking up, my friend called six times! What is his deal?

It sounds like his deal is that he wants to have his cake, and have sex with it, too. Basically, the fact that he called you six times shows that he is into you. So that mystery is solved. But the fact that he is hooking up with other girls just shows that he is a guy. See, until we are completely tied down and committed, we will hump anything that smiles at us. What girls have trouble understanding is that guys can have feelings for one girl and still hook up with random girls without batting an eye. It’s a gift.

My suggestion is to make a move on him. Take off your shirt and tackle him. The next day, when the booze has worn off, ask him if he is into you. If you want an exclusive relationship, be upfront about it. Because if you don’t, he is going to think that he can do whatever he wants.

But he is into you. You just have to find out if he is into being monogamous.