Lady, You’ve Got Moves


Making the first move isn’t usually your m.o. You prefer the old-fashioned “boys must act first” rule.

But you’re feeling evolved this season (well, at least since you got home for Christmas break and spotted your high school crush). Since you’ve grown older and wiser, maybe it’s about time you got him to notice you (hey, you’ll never know if you don’t give it a whirl).

Get over any fear of rejection and become the ballsy diva you usually are.

Rule One: Thanks to the wonders of anatomy, you automatically have the upper hand because you are a girl – which means you have boobs and the ability to show them off (and if you don’t, one word: Wonderbra). Add a dangly necklace, shiny lip gloss and perfectly coifed hair, and he&#8217s likely to think he’s hit the jackpot. After all, you smell much better than his frat brothers.

Rule Two: Always be able to hold a conversation. As long as you have something to say (stuttering is never a turn-on), you’ll be able to keep McHottie’s attention. Remember that guys always like to give their opinion, so go up and ask him what he thinks of a bet you and your girl friend made. Grab your wing woman, drag her towards the eye candy and start asking McHottie to chime in. After a few minutes and a little laughter, you’ll know you’ve got him reeled in.

Don’t think that guys are turned off if you make the first move – they actually think it’s a turn-on! So channel your inner girl power and go for it. What do you have to lose?

To Him, From You
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