Sex Is Good


Those “morning after” chats with the girls may lead you to believe that everyone talks about sex – all the time. After all, you do. And your guy friends definitely do. But, it turns out, not everyone outside of the collegiate world does.

Well, except for Dr. Dean Edell. This radio personality and best-selling sex author, always wants to talk about sex. At least until Americans stop blushing, fidgeting or giggling at the mention of “it.”

So, a doctor promoting sex? Obviously, we like him already.

Here’s how he sees it. Sex is the closest thing to ecstasy we can achieve. But years of negative press have turned the act into “a menace,” even though it’s how we all came to live. Also, sex can be good for your health. This is due to the energy expended, its effects on your overall well-being and the reduction of stress.

But all of these great upshots don’t come from one-night stands or casual relationships. Monogamy is key. Research from the University of Chicago showed that people find the most satisfaction and physical pleasure when they’re having sex with their long-term partner. Dr. Edell says the best sex is found in the “context of a committed, loving relationship.” (Aw, now if only we could find one of those.)

Above all, Dr. Edell wants us to be open about our sexuality, not embarrassed by or ashamed of it, “We have a real problem here, and I refuse to stop talking about it.”

Looks like your morning-after chats really are a good thing. Talk it up.

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