Him & Your Friends


My boyfriend hates my friends. I don’t love all of his, but at least I make an effort! I don’t want to choose either my friends or him, so how can I make him at least see that they’re not bad people?

Chances are your boyfriend doesn’t hate them. Maybe he’s jealous that the time spent with them is not time spent with him. Or, it could be as simple that he doesn’t know them, like you do, so he can’t appreciate them for who they are. Either way, it shouldn’t be too hard to get him to see things your way. After all, he’s discovered you’re a class-act girl, and he’s smart enough to know good things travel in packs. Try and find more things to do in groups, maybe bring one or two of your friends along and he can do the same. I’m sure there’s some activity he and his boys are passionate about that they’d share with you. And what could be hotter than that? Watching your boyfriend show you something he loves – not only do you get to see him happy and in his element, but you get to know him better. And, I guarantee he’ll respect you more for caring about his world, which will only make him more interested in what you and your friends are all about.

Watch Out!
Watch Out!
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