The Back Burner


I had two ex’s who I hadn’t talked to in a while call or im to wish me a happy new year, which I find both ridiculous and random. So basically … why do guys feel they need an occasion to get back in touch? What does it mean?

Yeah, the quick hello on a holiday is a classic move. Basically, guys can use a holiday as an excuse to drop an innocent “just wanted to say happy Flag Day” when in reality it is not that innocent. The true intentions of the male in question depend on the nature of your prior relationship.

If you were in a long, meaningful relationship with this guy then he may want to get back together. Or he may just be looking to reapply his Chronicles to your Narnia. If the two of you were in a more casual relationship, then he is definitely looking to do team push ups. Or he may just be looking to keep you around as a possible future hook up.

We call them back burners. As in “I’ll keep her on the back burner”. Men like to keep their options open. By dropping you a quick message he is maintaining the relationship. This way, if he ever ends up in the thralls of a cold streak or lonely after watching The Notebook, he can give one of his back burners a call and get an immediate date.

Trust me; if a guy is not interested in his ex-girlfriend, then he is not going to call her. Maybe he really has feelings for you, or maybe he just wants you to do that thing you do with the waffle iron and the lacrosse stick. You nasty!

Physical vs. Emotional
Physical vs. Emotional
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