Break-Up Season


Calling it quits is no piece of cake. Quite frankly, it can be the absolute worst part of a being in a relationship. Because knowing you’re about to break the heart of someone you care about feels awful. But it’s January, a brand new year, and you’ve been reevaluating if he’s right for you.

Well, don’t think you’re alone; we’ve officially entered National Break-Up Season and most other couples are thinking about jumping ship too. According to research from Yahoo! Personals, the period between the December holidays and Valentine’s Day is when people are more than twice as likely to think about breaking up than any other time of year. Since January is all about resolutions to improve you&#8217re quality of life, it’s only natural.

If after much thought and consideration, you realize your boyfriend really isn’t Mr. Right, then here are a few tips from Yahoo! Personals to make sure you make the break in the best way possible:

1) Monday is the best day of the week to end things; Sunday comes in a close second.

2) The worst way to break up with someone is by sending an email or delivering the news through a friend (come on people, grow some balls).

3) Get your act together before Valentine’s Day – breaking up with someone right before or on love day is just plain wrong.

4) Above all, stick to your guns, even when he tries to convince you that you’re making a big mistake. Remain true to your feelings and you&#8217ll get through it.

Beginning the New Year with a little emotional turmoil is okay – because you’ll be setting yourself free from something that wasn’t satisfying enough and be able to find something that much better.

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