Getting Ahead


No doubt about it: college is a wonderful time of life. Suddenly you have the power to create your own schedule (i.e. sleeping in on occasion), decide what you want to study (human sexuality is a science credit, right?) and study with world-renowned specialists and profs (meet in the student union for a beer).

However, when recent college grads are asked about any regrets they have about those four plus years of heaven, few can honestly claim that they accomplished everything they wanted while on campus. Especially once they enter the job search. For example, many employers will not hire a college grad with zero experience in that specific field. And how does a college student get this much -coveted “experience”? By getting an internship.

Since every minute is another chance to be proactive and gain more valuable skills, take some action! Talk to your professors, your student services center or just local businesses that you like in your area. Intern at a newspaper or magazine, a sports marketing firm, a political campaign, a women’s health center or for a judge or congressman. Businesses will rarely turn down the help and many already have well organized established internship programs. If you go at it and get a prof’s help, chances are you can get yourself some credits as well.

So get involved, gain experience and avoid the dreaded retrospective comment, “I should have taken advantage of more of the opportunities offered to me while on campus.”

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