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It&#8217s that time of year again &#8217 when every single girl is reminded that she is alone, unloved, lacking any romantic interests whatsoever… We often find ourselves wondering why the hell this stupid holiday exists when about 51 percent of American women are living solo.

But it does. So instead of lying miserable in the fetal position, listening to old school Mariah Carey and demolishing a pint of Ben & Jerry&#8217s, enjoy the fourteenth of February. (It&#8217s totally possible.)

Romance Yourself

If you simply can&#8217t bare the thought of not being sent flowers, chocolates or some cheap stuffed animal, just send yourself a little gift. No one needs to know who it was from except you. Hey, everyone will be curious about a little mystery half-dozen roses, so bask in the attention.

Don&#8217t Be a Hater

We get it; you&#8217re bitter and negative comments just spew naturally from your mouth. But no one likes to be someone who&#8217s constantly bad-mouthing love day &#8217 even the single folk. So turn over a new leaf this year, let go of those nasty tendencies and try to see the brighter side. Valentine&#8217s Day doesn&#8217t have to be about romantic love; it can be a day to celebrate the love you and your friends share (sorry, don&#8217t mean to be really cheesy).

Get Drunk

Speaking of celebrating friendship, what better way to deal with the &#8217couple holiday&#8217 than with lots of cocktails with your girls? Throw on some sweats (there&#8217s no one to impress), grab some vino (or your beverage of choice) and rock out to some bumpin&#8217 &#8217girls rule&#8217 tunes. It may sound like a scene from a terrible chick flit, but it could honestly turn out to be the best Valentine&#8217s Day ever.

Keeping Some Booty
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