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Easy Calorie Burners


“Skipping the gym” rationale has always been your specialty. And today, since it’s President’s Day and all, you feel it’s your patriotic obligation to give up your 40 minute elliptical session. How unselfish of you.

Yet for some reason the blurry memory of stuffing your roommate’s secret homemade cookie stash in your mouth last night is making you feel guilty and gluttonous.

Fortunately for you, we know a few easy calorie burning exercises that don’t require a trip to the packed campus gym:

Walk It

Taking fifteen minutes to walk briskly through campus can burn over 100 calories. So peel your behind off the couch and step outside.

Jog It

Don’t feel like heading outdoors? Stay inside and jog in place for 12 minutes while watching reruns of Sex and the City. If you’re feeling ambitious, keeping those legs in motion for half an hour and you’ll burn over 200 calories.

Clean It

You’re apartment’s kind of a disaster, and your room … you’re not even gonna go there. So scrub those counters, wash those dishes and sweep those floors in a good 20 minutes and you’ll rid yourself of another 100 calories.

Dance It

Justin Timberlake is your future husband (he just doesn’t know it yet). So pay his musical talents a little praise by blasting Future Sex/Love Sounds and dance your ass off for 20 minutes. Bye, bye 100 more cals!